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Our Location

Trinità d’Agultu

It is the municipality of belonging of the Cala Paradiso Country House.

At the beginning of the second half of the twentieth century Trinità was a little gathering of houses that had got (and still has nowadays) the Church of Santissima Trinità as important point of reference and its square “Piazza IV Novembre” as meeting point. Today Trinità is one of the most thriving areas in Gallura and in North Sardinia too, thanks to its 20 kilometers of coastline (whose touristic value is being increased every year).

In any case Trinità is a very famous area for its folkloristic events (performed by the local folkloristic ballet groups) and for its wine and food events. An important example is given by the delicious appetizers, first courses and second courses, such as the typical “Gallura soup”, tasty roast pork, , lamb and young goat, the cheeses, several typical desserts (e.g. the well-known “seadas”), celebrated wines produced in the vineyards of the territory and the typical Sardinian spirits (a very famous and tasty example is given by “mirto”).

In Trinità it is also possible to spend convivial and friendly times during the numerous festivals that are organized to honor the saints for example from May/June in occasion of the celebrations for the “Santissima Trinità”. Along the summer, it is possible to enjoy with the famous country festivals organized by a large part of the population, with pleasure and care, in order to celebrate the saints of the small country churches.

From the archaeological point of view, it is peculiar and significant the Aragonese coastal tower built in Isola Rossa during the sixteenth century under the Spanish domination.

Isola Rossa

It is situated in the municipality of Trinità d’Agultu e Vignola, at 15 minutes by car from our facility.

Isola Rossa has expanded at the feet of an Aragonese tower built in the sixteenth century during Spanish domination in order to defend the coast against Saracens. At the beginning of twentieth century, Isola Rossa was a small anglers’ hamlet, but from the second half of the century (during 60’s) this beautiful place started to become a very important touristic spot. It takes its name from the red islet situated at about 500 meters from the mainland.

Nowadays Isola Rossa is a locality where the impressiveness of the landscape is connected with a large kind of hospitality establishments, such as bars, restaurants, pizzerias, shops, hotels, new built and perfectly renovated accommodations. A peculiarity of this place is represented by its well-equipped touristic port that guarantees safe shelter and mooring to the resident fishermen’s vessels and to the numerous pleasure boaters who love the area and come to visit it. In addition, a brand new equipped water park allows and guarantees lots of fun and amusement during summer season.

Costa Paradiso

It is one of the most famous and popular touristic spots of North Sardinia. The peculiarity of Costa Paradiso is given by its coastal area with an extension of about 10 kilometers with enchanting rocks moulded by the sea. If you go towards “Li Cossi” beach, it is possible to enjoy a very picturesque view.

Costa Paradiso’s territory is extended for about 1000 hectares, most of which is natural oasis (indeed, it is not exceptional to see some quiet and friendly little boar).

It is at 5 minutes by car from our Country House.

Thanks to its strategical position, Costa Paradiso is located at 30 minutes from both Santa Teresa Gallura (to the East) and Castelsardo (to the West); and it is also at 50 minutes by car from Sassari.

Year by year Costa Paradiso (as Isola Rossa) has made a very significant valorization of its own territory through important and equipped facilities, such as bars, restaurants, markets. It must be mentioned the Diving Center “Costa Paradiso” well known and possessing all the international standards; it is important to name also the service of dinghy hire that offers to visitors the chance to explore easily the numerous beautiful surrounding bays.